my LsVtec setup

ive ben thiking of getting rid of my old tired ls motor for a while now and decided to go with a high compression LsVtec. i got a pretty good deal on a GSR head and a free block so here wats going to be done tell me wat you guys think pro and cons welcome

98 GSR
portflow springs/retainers
brone valve guides
port and polish
b17 cams stock cam gears ( for now)
ARP head studs

b18b polished and balenced crank
GSr oil pump
Gsr water pump/T Belt
LS Rods w/ARP rods bolts
CTR pistons
AC technics block guard
GSR girdle w/ gsr oil sump,and pan
Golden eagle LS Vtec kit

RC 270 injectors
B&m fuel pressure gauge AEM FPR
walbro 190 fuel pump

p28 chipped and base map on crome
vtec 5200rpms
rev limiter 85oorpms

I have these things now:::::

93 LS case modified with 2000 gsr gears
Type-r diff

Thermal R&D universal muffler custom 2 1/4 piping
Carsound high flow cat
DC 4-2-1 header
DC short ram k&n filter

future plans: skunk2 stage 1or2 cams, Vtec controller, possible 4-1 header

sounds pretty sweet to me man, I would love to go vtec again but decided to turbo. good choice of a head though !

What comp u planning on running? I would say save up and do the cams and cam gears at the time of the build. You going to run a program for tuning like hondata?

not a bad setup really. only suggestions i have are make sure you buy b18c head studs, some say aebs are better. i would pickup supertech valve train. also i wouldn’t run a block guard, or the rc 270 injectors. the 270’s aren’t much more than stock. i would run stock injectors and if you do start to max them out, pickup a set of 310’s. you can find rc310’s real cheap since they come with greddy turbo kits and nobody uses them. also might want to get a walbro 255lph, since the 190 is pretty much the same price. i read that the b&m fuel pressure gauges shit out quite a bit too. you can do cams and cam gears anytime. the gsr cams are pretty good anyways. he said he was going to run crome on a p28.
ps i have a block guard and rc310 injectors for sale if you do want them. =)

the head studs are arp lsVtec/B20Vtec. same exact part number as the GSR studs.compression is going to be around somewhere around 12 1/2:1 im using the block guard i have becaue ive done some research and the ac technic flows the most coolant. so why not use it? im using 270’s from a reccomendation by my boy and my dad both technicians @ work (acura). my buddy has had plenty of all motor setups and i trust stock injecters are orignal i dont wanna rely on those , cam gears are eventualy coming just not right away most likely after the break in period. the fuel pump is a toss in the air right now on which one im going to use. thank for the advice guys

don’t be offended by this, but… why would you even consider a walbro 190 over the 255lph? just seems like a waste of money to spend so much money on rc 270 injectors that retail at $320. if i was going to spend that much money on injectors i would just buy new 97-up prelude injectors 280cc for $400(before discount). i would sure trust oem over aftermarket. like i said in my previous post rc310’s are cheap, normally under $100. i heard flow pattern on rc injectors is pretty shitty too. can i just reverse the last question on you? why would you want a block guard?

block guard added protection? im learning motor builds as i go i meen i know alot but dont get me wrong there is still a lot i need to learn but i just wnt in it there. i m def going to get the 255 most like get 310’s are yours used or brand new ? i was thinking maybe prelude but dont know yet, then ive got to hack my harnees to accecpt obd2 injecters? and how do you figure that the rc’s are shitty. if there so shitty why do some many people use them? im not getting offened just wanna hear your side

not shitty in general. i heard they have a shitty spray pattern. i think it was in a h-t thread. i need 750cc injectors and i have no idea what im going with yet. i don’t know if mine were used or not. i would guess they have a couple miles on them. they came with my greddy kit. the kit was used but if im not mistaken he had 550’s in his car. the blockguard came from a machine company called kms if i remember right. looks to be pretty good quality, but since buying i realized that stock honda sleeves can handle pretty much as much hp as you can throw at them with a good tune. so by putting it in i just risk having cooling problems.