My rear defrost dosen't work or my intermediate wiper setting

My rear defrost dosen’t work or my intermediate wiper setting. any one have any idea’s?

It’s your ICU. Very common problem with our cars.

Just search and you’ll find all the info. Its been covered many times

ICU=Integrated Control Unit controls:
Brake bulb check light
Seat belt & key–in reminder
Side marker light flasher
Intermittent wiper relay
Light–on reminder
Rear window defogger timer
Oil pressure warning flasher circuits–one flashing, one solid

^ I still have all of that exept the the Int. wiper setting and rear defrost. I looked on how to take it out, I’ll probley to a junk yard thats by my house and grab one.

here is the thread on how to fix your problem if you looked like i did you would have found it :search:

damn, I have all of those problems except the oil light, which my old ICU did :frowning: