my rims are cracked

i noticed that one of my tires on my 17 in ssr integrals were flat so i pumped air into it. A few hours later the tire was flat again. I though that i had a nail in the tire or something but it turns out that the rim was cracked, so i guess i’m geting some ner rims I’m thinking about geting the bronze sub zero rotas. what do u guys think will look good on a 91 white integra. What other rims do u recomend that are about the same price as the rotas? what color rim would look good?

i like the rota circuit 8s in bronze!

i have rotas, and i regret them, i want the real janks now, its like rotas are now played. i cant explain it, theyre damn nice looking rims, but i wish i had some advans or at least some black racing rims. those are true legit JDM knockoffs.

todd - really? some dood in alameda with a jetta or sumthin wanted to trade his white and dark-blue/black liner on lip advans for some rota c8’s

You can actually get your rims welded. I cracked one of mine and had it welded at a radiator shop for $40. Still holding air 8 months later.

Otherwise bronze rims look pretty good on a white teg.