my teggie feels like its lacking

wuts goin on guys. alright so for a while now it feels like my teggie has been lacking in the power department. at full throttle around 5000 rpms it feels like i start to fall out of the powerband like its running out of breath or something. that doesnt make sense because the b18a makes peak power at 6000 rpms. could it be that my catalytic converter is plugged? could it be plugs and wires? if anyone knows wuts causing this or has experienced this and can tell me how to remedy this situation i would greatly appreciate it. thanks…

clogged fuel filter… fuel pressure regulator … or just a regular tune up

You may make peak HP at 6,000 rpm, but if your peak Torque starts dropping out at 5,000 rpm your car will feel like its lacking that “power”.

Also if the car isn’t “moving” at that rpm, it could be the clutch slipping.

welp i changed my fuel filter about a year ago. as for the pressure regulator, that was not changed. i did do a professional fuel injector cleaning service and i changed the distributor, distributor cap, and rotor in nov of 07. spark plugs were changed maybe 3 or 4 months ago and wires are relatively new. everything is pretty much new and i just put in an exedy clutch and fidanza 7.5 flywheel last weekend so clutch is out of the question. maybe i should change my cap and rotor again. and if power peaks at 6000, shouldnt i still feel the car pull?

Torque makes the car go, horsepower keeps it there. So if you arent making torque past 5k then you arent gonna feel it pull as hard.

hmmm. i never truly understood the whole hp and tq relationship. right now im slower than my buddys completely stock 1992 d15 civic sedan. i know taht 2nd gen tegs arent slower than 102 hp civics. wut else could be goin on? my horsepower doesnt feel like its all there…

I’d check the timing with a timing gun (16 (±2), and try 18 degrees to see if that helps) . In addition, make sure all the basic things like cap/rotor/plugs/wires are in good shape.

Were you faster than the d15 before? The driver could make all the difference (btw, please keep it on the track).

well i got a timing gun this past sunday and i tried to adjust my ignition timing, but there were no marks on my timing belt cover or my crank pulley. i just saw one little notch on the outside of my pulley and thats it. i didnt have any kind of advance or retard mark to adjust the notch to. one of my buddies who also has a g2 teg ended up positioning my distributor where his was.

ive raced and beaten the d15 before but arent b18 integras faster than d15 civics anyway?

dalejrfan88: it feels like the torque is making my car go, but it doesnt feel like the horsepower is keeping it there.

“one of my buddies who also has a g2 teg ended up positioning my distributor where his was.”

With the above statement, are you saying that you guys eyeballed where your friends g2 distributor lined up, then adjust yours according to his location?

Well, if you don’t know how to adjust timing please refer to the “teg tips” section: “teg tips” => “engine” => “Timing adjustment”.

Also, I would recommend doing a compression and/or leak down test (you can find this in the teg tips as well). This will help you determine if you have a healthy motor.

BTW, why are you always talking about the d15 civic? It sure sounds like you are getting whooped by this d15 civic?!

G2 should run 16.3 1/4 mile.
d15 civic should be ~17.0 1/4 mile.

Good luck! :dozing:

yeah we did eyeball my buddys distrib and put mine in the same position as his. i dont have that little arrow on my timing belt cover to time the distributor off of. it turns out that my cat was choking my car up really badly. i knew it was bad but i didnt kno it was the main thing causing me to go so slow. i replaced it with a test pipe and now she definitely pulls the way shes supposed to. thanks for the help tho guys! :wink: