my turn for ext. changes

ok, it won’t be much, but something to satisfy my self while the canyon roads are iced up.

well, i got some alloys from shea(shenrie). 91 LS alloys. i like them and give the car more of a touring look instead of performance car. and i washed the car cause it was above 30 today, got to thinking about some things, need advice. i use my teg more for touring then racing. so, here is my plan. oh yeah, 90 white teg coupe.

  1. paint the tails all-red(except for right reverse).
    the left reverse module was converted to a rear fog for weather conditions, i painted the bulb red, but its just more pink now. i know it’ll look funny, but it’ll be “special” and not ricey.

  2. 1-pieces(as soon as money is avail) with no yellow fog.
    i am going to have amber corner on it though.

  3. paint the bumper lense reflectors low-gloss black.

i can’t stand bumper lights, but i have no reason to take them out and don’t want to fill the hole with bondo. also, since it is a white car with black mouldings and grilling, i think a darker bumper light would blend well with the lower ducts and i’m not sure if i want to tint the lenses.

  1. it is miniscule, but painting the lugs black or getting black lugs. the caps for the wheels are so badly faded and i like the exposed hub/lug look so…i don’t want chrome and machined alloy against eachother, just a little pet peeve. oh, the rear hub will be painted black. the front is fine.

  2. i am going to use the lower ducting on the front for brake cooling, so the little grilles will be gone and that hole will be painted black where ever it isn’t already.

  3. i got 4-in auxiliary lights for free and they work wonderfully(100watts each, they sure as hell light things up). but, with the 1-pieces, i need those to be true fogs, so the bulbs will be yellow(would i be able to use the little yellow condom from the one-pieces on the same type of bulbs? i havent taken a close look at 1-pieces before). i may paint the lense yellow though, but not sure how that would look since they are so big. for an idea on size, they are tucked on the outer edge of the main grille and go down just past the top of the lip. i did paint the inside of that grille black.

7.i’m not sure about this, but i don’t like chrome, unless its on an american classic…but i have the stock dual chrome exhaust tips. they look good and better then regular stainless-steel piping. but, i was thinking of painting a gloss black. so they are kinda shiney and you know they are there but not chrome. i guess a hi-temp paint could get this done? how would i go about prepping a chrome finish to paint? or is this just totally wasting time?

  1. need to repaint the wipers too.

so, not too much to do…the paint and body are in such great shape. i just want to do a few things to clean it up(in my opinion) but want to keep functionality. i need the big aux. lights cause driving on an interstate through the mountains with no lighting and crappy usdm headlights sucks!!! especially in fog/snow/rain…

so, what do you think of my little plan? with everything, it shouldn’t cost more then $250 or so to get done and maybe a weekend or two. the majority of the time would be prepping and painting the various parts. for the painting i was gonna use testor’s transparent candy apple red and for the black painting, just hi-temp low-gloss black.
my suitemate just got a digicam, so if i can snap a pic of the car, i will…so you can get an idea of what my car looks like(warning, it may not be clean). or should i just leave the car alone and go back into my bubble? hahaha, thanks for any ideas and thanks for taking the time to read.

how about removing the rear wiper?..if its a hatch

the rear wiper is very nice to have when sitting at a traffic light and it is snowing or raining. it also is nice to get that thin layer of ice off when the defroster is warming up, so i can see when i am backing up. otherwise, it would be gone. it clutters things up, but…i am a “function over form” kinda guy.

foir numerb 1 and the light bubls taht you paitned red. why not jsut buy red bulbs? for my rear turn signals in my 90 teg you know how the bulbs are orange, well I repalced them withr ed 1156 bulbs(stock bulb size) and now at night or day, the turn signal colour matches withmy brake light paint or the light itself so it looks like a full thing… Would you be actualyl repalcing that elft reverse light with a actual good high visibility gof light bulb? or jsut any bulb to light up the rear? cause I dobut any normal bulb in that spot would do the rtick as it won’t be bright enuf… I wanted to try and rig of even a 9004 bulb in there and see how the reflection of it works if I can get 9004 bulbs/plugs into the reverse light sockets…

my Original plan for the rear was:

after getting my new tails, use the thrid brake light up top and tke off the red part and replace it with a clear faded part so it is my reverse light. then make soemthnig so taht I could fit actual car front headlight bulbs into the reverse light sockets and see how taht works. I ahve some problems tho. A: there might not be enough of an area and reflecting surface to work correctly to light up anything and B, the heat might melt the tail since it’s NOT glass like the front headlights…