Mysterious Engine Shutdown...Need Input.

Howdy Y’all,

So I’m driving my 90 GS w/ my headlights on and A/C on to avoid fogging up because its winter up here in Vancouver and I had to make an immediate stop for a light. My ABS is no longer functional because the idiot who owned my car before me had cut the abs sensor line on the drivers side…so I make the halting stop and all of a sudden my car SHUTS OFF. However, my headlights are still on and my A/C is going and cd player playing. Has anybody ever experienced this before? BTW, I have replaced the battery and alternator just last summer, and the ignition is a remanned one. Thanks in advance.

first off—Stick or Auto?

second— is the car still down and wont start?
sorry just a little unclear

BTW i might have that wire if its the sensor side. $5 shiped;)

Sorry for being unclear, it started right up again and its an auto. No problems, no bogging, no weird idling or weird smells, or overheating. The engine just shut off completely, and I just restarted it again right after and it worked. I am thinking that its just a loose wire something and sometimes these strange things just happen.

if i recall corectly, i had that problem a couple of times, allthought i drive a stick, I beleive my problem was a bad MFR.

if it started back up and you havent had any problems with it since then. i wouldnt be to concerned with it. just keep an eye on it and let us know if it happens again;)

Yeah, I will. Thanks guys.

It is a front wheel drive car. If you stop the front wheel from moving the engine will stop on a 5 speed. On an auto in 4 gear it is a lock up in the trany also, if the tranny can not shift down out of 4 in time it will stall also…

my roommate shifted his 06 accord from reverse to drive while reversing at like 5 mph. He stalled the car doing it. ( i know its different, but i’d like to share haha). I winced when he did it, as I do for everyone who doesnt completely stop before shifting from R to a drive gear.