Myt get my DA... need input

Sup ya’ll? Been reading this forum regularly. But now I need ur help. Ma boy is selling his DA. He’s not yet decided on the price, but from our conversations, I’m looking at $1000-1500. 80k miles. Manual transmission. Nice eh? but thing is, engine’s only got 3 cylinders working. and also smokes comin out of exhaust. Here’s my dilemma: if ever i get the car, should i rebuild or do a motor swap? Need input pls…

Will post more info about the car.

Motor swap!

Get a nice b18a for cheap and go from there. WIth that price you cant really go wrong :wink:

B18A is cheap enough to make rebuilding a busted B18A not worth it when you can buy a running donor for a few hundred dollars. B18A with B16 pistons, some mild cams/valvetrain and rebuilt components would probably be pretty fun for an affordable amount.

If your going to install b16 pistons anyway, you might as well rebuild the engine you have. Plastigauge is cheap and bearings can be dialed in rather easily with the codes from the crank and block. Just make sure there isn’t any cylinder damage and perform a light hone to prep the cylinders for the new rings.

thnx guys. but ryt now im kinda leaning towards a b16 swap. i know i would lose torque, but im kind of a vtec fanboy.

then just run a b16 vtec head on top of ur ls block…why do a complete motor swap when u can have VTEC with just a head?