n00b needs help picking an amp

Hi, I’m pretty much a newbie to car audio stuff.

I have a pair of 5.25 and a pair of 6.5 Pioneer speakers that I’m going to use to replace the stock speakers in my car. (I know Pioneer speakers aren’t great, but I got both sets for free) The speakers are rated at 35 watts RMS. I want to get a 4 channel amp to push them.

So far I’ve narrowed it down to the JBL P80.4 (40X4), US Acoustics USX 4065 (65X4), and Alpine MRP F240 (40X4). I’m looking to spend around $150 for the amp. Out of these three, which would you recommend? Or is there another amp out there for around the same price that would be better? Thanks.

how dare you say pioneer isnt any good…lol i have 6.5" 160watt pioneers all the way around. I’ve got a 400 watt boss amp running the front two…since thats where i want my stage. I’ve had no problems. but if you have a $150 budget you have more to work with than me…i only have a 400 watt for the componenets and an 800 watt for the subs. legacy…although an off brand has given me no troubles, but thee are hundreds of amps out there for under $150 that will serve your purpose. check out etronics. com and if you want opinions try epinions.com

good luck…let us know what you decided on.

I think that a US Acoustics is a good quality amp, for cheaper. I have never heard anyone say that Pioneer wasn’t atleast good, as I have a Pioneer headunit and it’s great.

Originally posted by paymepunk
how dare you say pioneer isnt any good…lol

DITO!!! i love pioneer! 6.5’s in the doors, and 2 10’s powered by 600watt profile and they blow the hell out of my friends! GO PIONEER!!!

Whoa, whoa… all I said was that Pioneer speakers aren’t GREAT. They’re good, but I’d rather have Infinity Kappas or MB Quarts.

I’ve had a Legacy amp before, and while it was super cheap, I had lots of problems with it. I want to get a legit, respected brand amp this time around so I don’t have to deal with any problems.

i have 2 US ACoustics amps, very powerful clean amps. Way more power than my alpine amp I had before.