Nastie Garage/ Cali love 7-26-09

NastIE Garage and Cali Love are Having a Grand Opening Meet/BBQ July 26th at our New Shop location in Pomona Ca. Theirs Plenty of parking and going to be Plenty of food and drinks for everyone.

All car Crews and Shops are welcome, anyone that wants VIP parking PM me how many cars and I will save front spots in front of Shop for you.

Trying to have it start around noon till whenever people want to leave.

Mapquest Address: 360 South East End Ave
Pomona Ca. 91766


yeah should be dope all those guys are cool and chill :rockon::rockon:


Awesome. I won’t have to drive very far at all. :up:

so whos all rolling i wanna see some da’s comin out:rockon::rockon: :slight_smile:

If I don’t have a hangover that day, I’ll come out with a few of my friends.

ill b there. any other da s wanna meet up and roll n deep

A bunch of crappy DA’s rolling together…FAIL


yo james its serjio whats up man hit me up me and rich are rolling :rockon: mattyg2 lmao thats messed up :slight_smile: