Nasty White Smoke, funky smell.

Hey gguys im not sure if its blown head gasket, or something…
im jus concerned because im new into the automotives and i am still learning on what everything is.

1993 Acura Integra LS
motor has 150,000 MIles +

Daily Driver. No Mods Besides CAI.

now the problem is that everytime the car is idle. and i rev a little bit. white smoke puffs out repeatedly .
and it smells. After I rev a little . Smoke puffs out more and more. and when idle , slowly seaps out.

could this be a blown head gasket? I made a video showing what the problem is. Also in the video i mention some belts moving and not, and possibly missing?

if you guys could please help me out here?
I overcame "Steel Seal" gasket sealer, is this sealer anyone heard of it or used it?

help me out please. i will post the video as soon as its done uploading..

thank you guys so much


-Denny A. 


belt that is missing is your ac belt i believe

Yep that is the AC compressor belt that is missing.

the smoke looks to be head gasket leak. which would explain the smell as well. Check your coolant levels. Does it constantly drop as you drive?

AC belt gotcha! thank you.

so if i put an a/c belt it should start to work again?

and as for the gasket

the temp doesnt rise or drop nothing…

if i engine break down shift or idle and rev…

the smoke puffs out … puffs out with a stench …

thank you guys so much for your help i really appreciate it…

as for the gasket what would my options be?

could i drive still driving very carefully? or use “Steel Seal”

… im sorry for so many questions… my knowledge of auto motives as I said is very low and im still learning about it!

thank you for your help guys


its probably water vapor in youre exhaust. mine seems to have some, so do all other older hondas and acuras like ours, too be sure its not a headgasket leak, take a look at youre oil and coolant, if the coolant is brown or gross looking then you have a problem, or if your oil is a really light color.

hmmm tomorrow when there is more light i will post another video of the problem. coolant. oil. everything

i JUST got an oil change and the oil is light brown… and when i checked it against a yellow cloth…

it was like a cclear brown real light brown color…

the coolant… there wasnt a brownish color … it didnt seem like the coolant and oil mixed hopefully…

how much are a/c belts?

ahaha go ahead and post a spoof

yes it is definetely your ac belt… if your ac system is properly charged then yes it will work again… as far as the head gasket problem… do as everyone else said… check your coolant and make sure its green and no signs of oil… so basically make sure it doesnt look like chocolate milk// and as far as the oil… if it looks anything other than a black or light brown noise then their is a problem and coolant is mixing with oil… water pump head gasket ect… but if you are not having any coolant issues… then maybe its nothing… a good idea would be a quick compression test… low compression is a sign of a bad headgasket…

oh and bro i stay in SOCAL… if you need anything let me know… im always willing to help out… im no mechanic but i know how to do plenty… swaps… clutch jobs ect… anything u need let me know…

If you name is Billy, im Assuming. thank you a lot.

I live near the LA area… like 15 mins away. but thanks man…

yeah i checked the coolant earlier and it didnt seem all funky and the oil is light brown because just got a NEW oil change on Monday The 8th

do you know how much them a/c belts go for? cus im dying for some a/c ahahah its getting so hott here.

but tomorrow i will double check and probably make another video with the real problem
thanks again Billy for your help man… really do appreciate it.


a leaking HG doesn’t always cause low compression. and it may not necessarily contaminate the coolant/oil.
best advice is, as dragon dude said, keep an eye on the coolant level

Maybe a bad catalytic converter? When was the last time you took it into emissions?