NC: "Palmy Blue" Interior Seats or Seat Fabric

So I have recently started a thread here where I was trying to track down the blue interior for my 90 DB1. The best I can tell it is “Palmy Blue”, and was a fairly common option on white LS trim-level Integras. It may be less common now, and as you can see, my driver’s seat has seen better days.

Those two rips are the worst of it and require attention. The bottom cushion is pancaked out as well, but I am more concerned about the fabric than the cushion.

Basically, I am WTB interior components, seat panels and bolster fabric (driver’s, passenger, or rear) by itself, or a complete drivers seat in this color. Anyone?
Please email me at g2db1again (at) gmail if you have anything in Palmy Blue you would sell. Thanks.