NC - Triad - Greensboro Cars & Coffee first event of 2017

I’m planning to show up here Saturday, and blend in with the ricer crowd such as it may be. Sure would hate to be the only 2d gen Integra there, but I’ll take one for the team if needed. Anyone in the area?



Looks like a cool meet! I’m a solid 6 hours away or I would show some G2 support…

Rock yours and upload some photos! A nice Teg can steal the show from those “exotics”… :wink:

Heh, thanks man. I did get a couple 2nd looks, and a “Nice DA” (it’s a DB1, fool!) but mostly a Nissan crowd in the “rice” section. It was a rainy morning, so not many good pics but next month should be better.

Thanks for representing :slight_smile:

Just joined the group, working on getting my GSR up and going again. Title in my pops name, hes going through a dicdivorce and hopefully she won’t make him sell it .If she does I’ll buy but will eat into the rebuild funds! Yeah my mom’s something else anyway next NC thing I’ll try to be there

I’m right in the area 336

That’s cool, man. Hope you can get some G2’s together around here. Sadly, I let mine go for family reasons, but I’ll always be a member of the DB1 mafia in my heart.