Need a carfax? Check here first!

Okay, So I’m not sure about how frequently everyone uses a carfax and whatnot. But how does $2.00 carfax reports sound? I have a friend that uses carfax very frequently so he uses it a lot.

The paypal is and go ahead and send $2.00

And E-mail is also please make sure you include your vin number and e-mail so he can get back to you with the report.

If you’re wondering how fast he takes to reply with the e-mails. It shouldn’t be long, probably withing the day or so. If he does take too long just let me know.

Neil, you can make this a sticky if it’s necessarry.

are you guys still running carfax reports for 2 bucks? lmk thanks! this thread is kinda old.

oh nevermind its not old, where the hell did i see 2002 from

and it wasn’t your joined date but anyways if you could run this vin for me i would be more then happy to send you 2 bucks. jh4db1561ps000861


Are you still doing Vin checks for $2? Thanks