Need a list..


I remember a while back some one was composing a list for what you would need to do a LS/VTEC w/ a b16a…

I was wondering if any one knows of this list to please send it to me or put it on the board here… is the emial addy if ur going to send me the list…

thanks ahead of time…

an ls/vtec was one of my previous engine swap plans. Here is what i had lined up.

first i’d rebuild my stock block:
-new bearings
-jdm itr pistons/rings (oversized)
-shot peen rods
-arp rod bolts
-all new gaskets and seals
-new timing belt

then pick up a b16a swap. You will need the:
-head, intake manifold, tb (and all included sensors and vacuum hoses)
-tranny (you may also need the b16a clutch–it will depend on the year of your car and the year of the b16a)
-ecu, injectors, distributor (again, this will depend on the year of your car and the year of your b16a)

In addition you may need to have the head milled just to make sure its perfectly flat–but this will depend on the condition of the head. You’ll also need the external oil lines, and you’ll have to plug the oil hole in the head

when i was calculating prices for things i found that buying a complete b16a swap would be about the same price as finding all the needed parts individually (head, intake manifold, ecu, tranny…) and i think buying it as a whole would be better because you’re less likely to be missing any smaller parts that way.

Oh, and just so you know, don’t expect to spend less than about $2500 on this type of setup. And $3000 could easily be spent.