Need a part number


I searched many sites but I guess I’m not using the right combination of words…

I’m looking for the rear quarter panel weather stripping…mine fell apart

Can anyone help me out with a part number/link? Or if you have one for sale, that would be good too.


maybe call the parts department at the dealer?

Yeah, I guess that works. Was just hoping someone knew off hand so I could order them online without dealing with the assholes at the stealership and their funny phone tactics

where does this part go? the fender lip part?

^ it’s the rubber stripping that goes around the interior of the rear quarter panel glass

if you’re referring to part number 10:

its not really referred to as the weather stripping… thats probably why you couldn’t find it


^ I figured that, I couldn’t even find what section it was under much less the correct name… thanks a lot though