need ADVANCE help with my oil light problem.

-I got to hook up my oil pressure gauge. I’m getting 25 psi at idle and 75 at higher revs. This atleast eliminates one problem - the oil pump. I read on one of the posts I searched about an ICU going bad. After idle, my oil light blinks off and on - is this a bad symptom in anyway?

I already did a search about oil light problems. All my gaskets are changed, new pressure switch, and got a new oil pan (mines was hammered and I thought pick up was clogged). What causes the light to go on besides the switch? When I took out the connector, the light was still on. When I put the connector, the light still stays on. I’m totally confused. While the engine was off, I used a electrical tester. I put postive to sensor and grounded negative to nearly every part of the engine, and there was no reading. I read something in a Toyota manual a long time ago that there should be a reading when the car is off, and none when the car is on. I bought an oil pressure gauge - the autometer fittings had the same amount of threads as the pressure switch but for some reason it didn’t want to go in so I didn’t check pressure. Any electrical problems I should be aware of?

My Questions:
-What causes the light to go on besides the switch?
-Even if I take out the connector to the oil pressure switch, shouldn’t the light be off?
-How do I test the electrical problems? What are some common ones dealing with oil light?

I am trying not to go as far as switching the oil pump because I’ve been wrenching on so many other cars that my hands are pretty cut up (almost needed stitches on one cut). And for some of you that have seen my car, its been repainted BUT it has never been touch since then, not one piece of molding put back.

Bad grounding - just a suggestion. Get out your Helm manual and trace the grounding of the oil switch circuit. Don’t go all the way to remove your oil pump because it hardly fail in Honda.