[Need Advice]Am I Gettin Ripped Off?

well here is the link to my problem i posted about a week ago.

w/ day school, nite school, and work i haven’t had anytime to check out if it was in the end a coil problem or starter problem or even a fuel pump problem… :frowning:

so i suggested to my dad to just tow it to crappy tire (canadian tire)

now it turns out they said it is the whole distributor problem and we need a new one, which costs like $600!

how do u think these guys are wrong and i should take it somewhere else?
does a distributor just crap out like that over nite??? :’(

thanx in advance

  • Juice

doubtful. take out your coil (kind of a pain in the @ss) and bring it to an auto zone or somewhere that can test it. they’ll have a listing of the specs on your coil. if your coil tested less then where it should be, then your coil is bad. it cost me like $70 for a new coil at auto zone when this same exact thing happened to me. i installed the new coil and it fired right up. HTH

Go to a mechanic you can trust. Hav you taken one of the plugs out and seen if it is sparking? My friend just had a similar problem and it was his injector relay had gone out.