Need advice

Ok maybe these are just ridiculous questions but maybe not:

  1. When I start my car after a long period of sitting 3-4+hours, it starts up really rough like it starts it shakes then it almost dies and then it finally starts up.

  2. How come no matter what I do I can’t squeak my wheels like most guys do although I put in B16A into the teg? :burnout:

  3. I used a gtech pro to measure my HP. Now B16A is suppose to be 158hp and with CAI and catback it suppose to add a bit. The gtech said 125 wheel HP. Can there be so much power loss and what could cause it?

  4. Some days my car is flying and has all the power I need. Other days it’s wailing and barely moving? WTF? Although I have a CAI it doesn’t seem to get much “cold air”.

  5. After I drive, under the hood is sooo hot I can’t even touch my strut tower bar. Anything I can do?

I think that’s it for now.

ok, here are some suggestions…

  1. check your fuel filter and replace if necessary.

  2. is your clutch in good condition? what rpm are you launching at? how do you shift? doesn’t matter if you have a b16a or b20 bomber, tire squeeking is doable.

  3. gtech pro is not a dyno machine. therefore it is not accurate. if you want to know your real wheel hp, take it to a real dyno and run your car.

  4. when was the last time you’ve done a complete tune-up? see suggestion #1 also…

  5. all engine bays get hot. if you’re concerned about it, try using heat wrapping around exhaust componentry to keep underhood temps down.

  1. Fuel filter replaced 10k’s ago
    Clutch also has 10k on it
    You’re probably right about the gtech but it’s suppose to be pretty acurate. With my original teg engine in it and no mods it was reading 107 whp which is about right?
  2. Tune-up was just done…car runs worse with the tune up than without…the only thing I didn’t replace was the rotor.
  3. When I had my b18 in the car it used to get hot but this thing is like double the heat…should I maybe get a scoop?