need an engine swap guide

i have a 1990 acura integra gs. came with a B18A1 with a 5 speed manual, non-obd.

anyone have an engine swap guide to switch this engine with a 92 LS engine B18A1 obd-1?

i didnt find it in teg tips, but that info listed in those is what i am looking for. what i need to change, rewire, etc. thanks!

Put the two engines side by side. Anything that is different between the two, switch over.

there are very few diff.s it will drop right in of course but you will have to use the obd-0 harness and keep your fuel injectors from the old motor and use you original dizzy.

there’s also a couple of sensors off the back that you’ll have to swap off your '90 motor onto the '92 motor, if you use the obd-0 harness. The holes are already there for them you just have to take the plugs out that are in them and put in the sensors.