need an experts opinion

Im new to this, so if I say something completely ignorant please don’t hold it against me. So I’m buying a '90 teg with no motor/trans. My friend bought the car for the transmission and the motor was blown. I’m sure he will let me have access to some of the parts off the motor but I know hes keeping the head for sure… if its still good. So my problem is, I want to find a decent motor/trans to drop into the beast. I’ve been looking around for a couple of days reading what I can online and I stumbled across this board which has been quite a bit of help to me but I still have questions which I don’t have time to search through every thread to find answers for.
So this is what I’m thinking: the B20B seems to be about the cheapest motor that I can find. I’ve found one that comes with a trans but I think it is the stock CRV transmission which I believe are all automatic and because its 4wd of course it won’t bolt up, plus I need a manual. I don’t want a gsr trans because of the short gearing I’d much rather have something a little bit longer like the LS trans (cable preferred because thats what was on the car origionally), plus, its cheaper anyways and will be better for the idea I have on building the b20. I also need to know of any good shops/websites/junkyards in/near Michigan that I can get a trans from) If I am wrong on the trans thing, please correct me…
Now, I haven’t seen anyone saying anything about problems with motor mounts between the stock b18 and the b20 so I’m going to assume that it will bolt in right.
The electronics on the other hand, is where I’m confused. Im pretty sure that the car is OBD-0 and the engine is OBD-1 (I think the years being sold are 94-97 but I’m not positive)
I read in the “teg tips” section about the engine swaps for my year, and it has nothing about the b20, but it does speak of a obd-0/1 conversion w/ a b16 and I think it said that I can just use the b18 wiring harness and I have to extend some wires for a few sensors and if I’m swapping to VTEC there’s 3 wires that I have to add myself. But would this mean that I’m using the stock ECU for the car or the swapped ECU? (It seems to me like the stock ECU is non-vtec) My friend whos about to swap a b18a1 into his hatchback said that in order to convert from obd-0/1 that I’d have to change the body harness and its a pain in the ass. I’d rather not do that, if at all possible.
So basically, I am new and have about the same questions as everyone else and I’m probably going to get told to search the forums more which I am going to do after this but if someone could please answer me straight up it would help me comprehend it better. aaaaannndd I think that’s it… if I think of something else while searching around and can’t find an answer I’ll post back here…

Ok so its my understanding now that for the swap I’ll need the ECU, engine harness, distributor, and injectors from the b18 that were in the car previously.
Am I right? I hope so.
I still need to do a little more searching as to where to buy a motor and trans from but I think I’m going to have to get them separately so if you think you feel like answering anything that I’m unclear of or recommending a store/site/shop/whatever to buy a b20b and a b series ls trans from please let me know.

Yes, you need the OBD0 ecu, engine harness, etc. Plus you need the mounts/mount brackets and probably the IM (if you get a 96-98 b20) from the b18. The b20s, btw, are obd2.

I would look in the for sale forum for a tranny. Or ask around on ef-honda. everyone on there is from grand rapids and most have a lot of b-series stuff.