need anyones opinon please

i’m gettin’ my interior done by katzkins two tone (front and back and door inserts) but can’t figure out the best colors for my car. i have an aztec green pearl car but need some opinons from others to get an idea. i would do the color of my car and a gray to match the sealing, but they don’t have anything close to that color (aztec green pearl). what do you guys and girls think of a color scheme?

Since not many colors go with your green car, I would go with the two colors that go with everything …white and black.

What about white and green to match the outside??

save the money and paint the car, white and black wouldnt look to great with the green interior. I have a white integra with a full whtie and black interior and it looks awsome, i get compliments all the time, the headrest have been flushed so there is no whole and i have black acura symbols stitched into the heads. I would personally paint the car first, maybe white, blue, or black

do you have any pics?

yeah ill get them up on here in about a day. Trust me it looks sick

ok here are the picks, tell me what you think