Need camber kit for Eibach Pro-kit?

Does anyone know if a camber kit is needed for an Eibach Pro-kit? The drop is 1.4F and 1.0R and I would be running stock GS-R rims for the time being. I don’t want to eat up my tires since they are still very new. Thanks for the help!

Naw I wouldnt worry about it. Thats a very mild drop. make sure you get it aligned though, cause those springs will knock it out of alignment.

I doubt it

You probably wont need a camber kit… when you get it alligned the guys at the shop should tell you. I got the sportline springs (1.8 front 1.6 rear) and the guys at the shop couldn’t allign my car all the way, 'cause the camber is screwed. So now I’ve gotta spend dough on the camber kit, then get it alligned again!
Gotta love it!:wink: