Need distributor help

Hey guys my car won’t start hahyaha here’s the deal… My didn’t start after driving it I parked it then it wouldn’t start on closer inspection the distributer cap had lot’s of carbon and brown deposits in it on the top nippel (not the coil side but the other) so I replaced the cap thinking it that it’d just fire up… it didn’t. Then I bypassed the cap and checked my spark plugs… the needed to be regapped and cleaned badly so I thought that was it. it wasn’t then I by passed the cap to a plug grounded against the body and it made a purpleish spark… so I put the cap back on and it wouldn’t spark. Is the coil not puching anough juice to go through the cap… is this possible? Or maybe I bought a faulyt cap? The other question is the ecu. I check to see if it had a error code but it didn’t even blink. It blinked from the on position with the keys to the lights position but didn’t do anything after. Is this normal I thought it was supposed to flash constant? I’ve checked engine fuses and stuff like that but to no avail I’ve also checked timing etc. it’s getting gas. Please post back. with info. I’ve also serched. Thank you for any information.



What, if any, are your symptoms while driving. I had coil/ignitor problems 2 weeks ago and when I drove, my car was bogging and I had to drive like a 90 yr. old. It could be your distributor but I would have your ignition system checked first, it is a cheaper repair. As for me, EVERYTHING was replaced for piece of mind.