Need fuse box diagram

My car (93 integra 4dr ls)doesnt have the diagram of the fuse box which is under the hood. I never had it on the box and I would like to see which fuse is which but I cant know without the diagram. So I was wonderin if someone could give me a picture (with good details) so that I could finally see what should be in my fuse box!!!
thank you
Send the pic to:

You don’t need any schematics for the fusebox located at the driver’s side kickpanel on the interior? The box under the hood is quite basic if we’re talking about the same thing? ECU, Haz, Alt, BATT, etc. I can send you out some info - no problem. I suggest getting a cover from the boneyards though (even if just for moisture protection). You don’t want any water in there when you have 70A fuses hanging out.

Are you experiencing some kind of a problem or is it just a matter or wanting to know the function of the circuits, etc? If you’re having issues, let us know and we’ll try to help out.

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dont wanna jack ur thread…but i need to see a diagram for a 90 integra…i bought a shell and some of the fuses are missing. thanx

not to hijack either but I need a pic of the fuse box under the hood…the diagram like the one above is perfect.

here you go guys:

damn i just realized you need underhood, sorry.
oh well hope those help somebody.

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