need held wiring led m3 mirrors

hey- just bought m3 mirrors on ebay with led lights…its got 6 wires 3 for the power mirror and 3 for the leds/turn signals…but i dont know what goes where anyone ever do this install? please post or email me at

i live in brooklyn as well. Maybe i can come help you out for a fee? :hmm:

Did it come with instructions? Does any of the wires have clips?

where in brooklyn r u? there are 6 wires…3 of them go into the factory power mirror harness…the other 3 are for the leds…so i know they have to be wired up to the flasher/signal lights…i just dont know which one goes to which?

they didnt come with instructions? there should be a black wire(obviously ground. The other should be the blinker or constant? Try tapping some power into the 2 wires left and see what does what. know what i’m saying?

I live close to bushwick btw.

ok im near mill basin…kings plaza mall…i would try just testing the wires but i dont wanna blow out the leds…i emailed the place i got it from maybe they can send me some instructions…u got pics of your teg?

I dont have those lights on my teg. But I can most definitly install them. Anyway the LED will not burn out unless you leave it on for like more than 5 seconds. You just want to test it. its simple. Provide ground and tap the other 2 to see which is which. believe me it wont blow out.