Need help asap, car wont start

hey guys,

I cant figure it out… my car ran fine yesterday. I went to start this morning and nothing, no click or anything so I jumped the battery and charged it nothing still, i figured the alternator was shot so I bought one. when I turn the key into the on position both turn signal lights light up,the head lights bright also and the check engine and etc is really dim… any ideas??? Please help!

when I turn the headlights on the bright indicator goes off but if the headlights are off the idicator is on. I dont get this.

could it be a bad ground or ecu or something?

Are you sure the battery is good. From the way it sounds, all your lights are really dim which would lead me to think the battery is dead. But you say you charged it. If so then i would start by looking at the wires that go to the starter and make sure they are tight.

Ok I will check that but I had the famous passenger side leak could of the ecu got wet and got fried or ruined? now my clock doesnt work.

check the ground from the starter to the chassis

Ok I will do that and let you guys know, but how do you tell if the ecu is bad or not?

What ecu would I need if my car is a 92 ?

bump! i need some answers can anyone help?

can you list what you have tried as well as any other symptoms that you have noticed during your troublshooting; something you may think is small may be the key to resolving the matter.

my car wont start… basically I went out to start it and nothing so I thought it was the battery but it wasnt. I replaced the alternator but nothing. I turn the key to the on postion and it lights up the brights and both turn signal indicators. My clock no longer lights up. When I turn my headlights on the indicator goes off for the headlights, when I turn my turn signals on the check engine light and other idicators flash. It literally did this over night. I drove it yesterday and everything was fine.

I know that it rained and some water dripped on the carpet over ecu because of the famous passenger side leak. I am going to check over the grounds and start wires tonight. I already checked over the fuses inside and under the hood.

did you ever get this solved? im having a similar problem and i can’t seem to figure it out. my blinker lights light up instead of the cel and the coolant gauge goes all the way over to the hottest point as soon as i turn the key twice.

yea you got something grounding out in the electrical . Check your grounds and clean them.