Need help ASAP... Ignition coil?

My car is stuck at my work and wont start. Power is fine, all lights come on, radio etc, tried jumping it just in case. It turns over but wont start. Im pretty sure i can hear the fuel pump turn on so i dont thing it is that. I also tested spark, there is a little bit, i dont know how much i should see when i ground a spark plub wire and try to start the car. I saw a light little spark, thats it. I took distributor cap off and tested the coil. Both primary and secondary terminal tests gave me readings of 0. Am i doing something wrong or does this mean bad coil. I would hate to buy a new one and find that wasnt the problem. Also its gonna suck to take the coil out cuz the screws are stuck and i cant get them out, it began to strip them when i tried.

any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.