need help asap. steering wheel shake.

Ive searched but i cant really narrow down my problem. I need help asap cuz this is my daily driver and ill lose my job if my car crashes.

anyway… im driving… and the steering wheel jerks to the right…like its pulsing ,…but its not constant but its getting worse. also just tonight i started hearing a crunching noise when i turned.

now i know my pass side CV boot is torn and im planning in replacing the axle soon… but i need to know if this is symptoms that the joint has gone bad and i need to fix it asap or if it can wait till payday next friday.

could it be anything else?? acura said my upper control arms were both loose.

man this sucks… ive got no $$ till next payday but i cant risk crashing the car either.

please help asap.

Torn CV boots are nothing to ignore IF you want to save your joints. If you let it go as you have, it is long gone. I can’t say with 100% certainty that your joint is the cause of your weird steering, but it is a good place to start. The other thing to check is to make sure your p/s fluid is not low. If it is, then check for a leak somewhere on your rack. As far as the dealer telling you that you have loose upper control arms, I have no reason to distrust my dealer since they have ALWAYS looked out for me. If it were my dealer, I would listen to them since they have always been right.

oh i believe them… they just told me about the torn boot and cv joints on friday. i had been planning a suspension and brake overhaul next month anyway and ive been buyin most of the parts.

problem is… right now im really broke and if i its not the axle going right now i want to wait till payday.

Im going to replace the whole axle anyway since i can get a lifetime waranty and its a 13 year old axle anyway.

I know that I have read several threads about this same issue, and the worst case axle problem is probably just going to leave you stranded. I would be more immediately concerned with the control arms the dealer said are loose. Why are they loose? Is something broken? If the axle goes out, well you just won’t go anywhere. If the control arm goes… well that could be crash and burn time.

As far as the axles being old: That is not a huge concern if you replace the boots before they rip, and keep the joints packed. My mother’s axles were just replace on her Accord with 250k+ miles on them. We used OEM replacements with factory 3 year coverage. Did not consider the auto parts places rebuilt units. Here in the US many guys have bad luck with those.

thanks for the help.

it was the axle. took the car in and they checked the wheels for round and rotated them… the axle was shot though so i replaced it with a remanned unit with a lifetime waranty. ive had the same brand on the drivers side for 2 years without problems so far.

control arms are old… but not much play in them… they need to be replaced but they werent causing the problem.

im redoing the whole suspension next month anyway so it should be fine. cost me $170 Cdn for the axle and an hours labor. guy had it done in 10 min though was crazy fast.