Need Help, B16 Starting Problem

I swapped a b16 into my 90 Integra about a year ago, ever since I have had this problem starting the car in the cold…

When I go out to start my car in the mornings or after I leave the car sit for more than 4 hours, when I turn the key to start it up it will act like it wants to run but just spudders for a few secs till it stalls, sometimes I can turn the key and this will happen 2-3 times before the car starts like it should. I am also having a problem getting the idle to stay in one spot, at one time it will be at 400 RPMS and sometimes it will be at 750 RPMS. The car seems to run OK otherwise, but I haven’t driven any other g2’s with B16’s in so I don’t have anything to compare it with.

So far I have double checked all the vaccum lines, changed and cleaned the IAC, changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor, PCV Valve, and changed the MAP sensor…

Kinda stumped and the problem with getting more annoying by the day, any input/help will greatly be appreciated.

Could it be the FICV? Any ideas?

When you figure it out let me know I can’t get a good idle for my B16 either .