Need Help Bad, Vtec Prob!!!

My VTEC wants to go but it “flutters” almost as if I’m fluttering the gas pedal. It does this in every gear. You can hear and feel this happening. I just had engine work done on it in August and ever since the engine light comes on after the car heats up. It’s almost like a sign that my engine is warm enough to work in VTEC. This “fluttering” VTEC problem just started a few days ago though.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!!


First off, you need to figure out what code it’s throwing. It could be anything. Almost sounds like the clutch is slipping under the extra power, but could be a distributor problem, or fuel. Just stay out of VTEC until you can get it resolved.

That’s the same thing a buddy thought, but you could here the engine drop out and run like a non-Vtec. When it flutters, it flutters by speed, sound, and feel. The clutch got put in during the engine work so it’s pratically brand new.

What it sounds like is (imagine that lower case is regular rev and capital is VTEC rev, starting right before VTEC about 5500) wwwhhhhaaaWWWHHAwhhhaaaWWHHwhhhhWHwhhhhWWwhh

This all happens within 500 to 1000 RPMs after initial kick in. Then sometimes, especially in first gear, VTEC won’t try to kick in till 6500-7000. All this started a day or two ago!!! Could it be the spool valve, sliding pin, oil pressure? What else does the computer need to snap into VTEC. Temperature is cool outside, the engine is warmed up…I don’t know I’m just afraid!!!

Thanx again!!

Oh, so it’s more like it’s bouncing in and out of VTEC? It could be any of those things you mentioned, or something simple like a short to/from the VTEC solenoid. If it was a short, that should throw the CEL (check engine light). So if the CEL comes on at VTEC crossover, but VTEC doesn’t engage, then the CEL goes out when VTEC engages, it sounds like a short in the wiring. I don’t know enough about the solenoid to tell you much more. I’m pretty much just guessing here, but it makes sense to me. :confused:

Is there anybody else that can give me(us) more info on exactly how the VTEC works. Almost like a block diagram without the blocks:)

Could it be a ground wire that’s designated for the VTEC solenoid? Maybe the fluttering is the ground wire touching and not touching that’s why I “flutter” in/out of VTEC.


if your engine light is on, my understanding is that vtec will not engage–you’re in limp mode. my guess is that it’s most likely an emissions problem. check the codes the ecu is throwing, and diagnose from there.

also, check your oil level, and make sure you have sufficient oil.

what kind of engine work was done on your car? if the engine light came on after all the work, they obviously did something wrong.

Checked everything, disassembled the whole engine. New rings and gaskets. Very displeased with the work, they messed up alot of shhh. When I got the ride back I check stuff out when I got home and the fuel line was just resting on the nipple to the regulator. Right above the F’N alternator. I have a little three year old! What the ****!!! Sorry still real pissed about it. Still owe them alot of dough so I"m not going to them.

CEL came on right after the work, the light will come on when the engine gets warmed up. VTEC has had no problem until a couple days ago.

Only stuff I have is CAI/H/CBE and a dugout cat. Plus pulleys. I put the stuff on my self back in Sept.

Thanks for your thoughts too!!! If you find anything be sure to tell me please!

Found out the problem. OIL WAS LOW. I just about beat myself to death with the dipstick after I took a glance. I just changed my oil though. If it’s not one thing it’s another!!! Thanks all