need help! Bad

I’ve got a 90 teg gs with 110 thousand miles. I just got a nos nitrous dry 40 to 60 shot system. I had to do do some custom fabs to get it to work temp, one of the solenoids was not working so i by passed it. I ran the smallest jets they had. It worked wonderfully the first few times. The last time I hit the sitch my car shut off on the high way. When I turned it back on it had no power and sounded like a weak muscle car. buah buah buah. Ive got fpr, air mass headers, hi flo cat, and gready cat back. Fuel guage is reading rich even after i turned the fuel pressure down to 20 psi. Exhaust smells bad,and really rough idle. And help would be very helpful. Ohh and by the way, that first shot was unforgettable. :argh:

check you’re spark plugs. not really sure what could’ve happen. maybe you blew a piston or something.


I check my plugs. They were black at the tips. I was told that means i’m running rich.


there’s also a pinging noise coming from, it sounds like the bottom end of the engine. Any thoughts?