need help can i used ls crank pully on a c5

more problems can i use a ls pully on a 00 itr just because i want ac and power steering or what ac and p/s cam i use pluc can i use the dist from ls or do i need obd1 vtec dist thanks

ok i put the ls pully on it cool but the power steering brakets dont line up with the holes onthe head and the timing marks are not in the right place is there anyone that know what i need to finish this swap i love this car but im about to burn this car to the ground :smiley: :gunright:

Use a 92-93 GSR upper and lower power steering bracket. Or if you can find a JDM B16A upper and lower power steering bracket, that will work as well.

You’re best off using an OBD-1 VTEC Distributor, but you can cut off the forward leg off your LS distributor and have 1 bolt hold it on. I don’t really recommend this. You can also buy a 92-95 GSR distributor sub-assembly and swap your coil, ignitor, rotor, and distributor cap over. That’s what many people do, including myself. Best of luck.