Need Help! Car Wont Start

i just replaced the fuel filter, the car started for about 5 seconds and it died sounded weak from only 2 cylinders running and sounded like no gas when it died. I had near empty fuel tank at the time, so i thought it might be from no fuel but put another 3 gallons of fuel back in. also i forgot to plug back in plug wires 1 and 3 when i started it up.

after a while i checked the plugs, they were wet from fuel, so i know the injectors arent clogged and the rest of the fuel system is still working.

the was also a constant 40-45 psi in fuel pressure.

the engine is cranking but wont turn over. so naturally it is a fuel or ignition problem, fuel isnt the problem, i checked the terminals of the cap and the rotor and everyuthing was fine. perhaps when i let cylinders 2 and 4 run by themselves something was shorted out. the igniter is only a week old, the cap and rotor a few months. i’m gonna swap out the stock coil for a msd blaster coil with a msd 6al asap, but anyone have any ideas what the problem can be? thanks