Need help, car's dead

Well, driving home last night, after shifting into 4th gear, the RPM gauge dropped straight to ZERO, and I figured, well maybe I blew a fuse, so I shifted to 3rd then 2nd to pull off the road, and the check engine light popped on, and the battery light (like it was stalling) and it would accept no gas and was just down-shifting like normal. Pulled off the road (pushed it actually) figuring "Dammit there goes the timing belt or the alternator belt) since I know I need it changed. popped the hood, alternator belt is there, waited a minute and popped off the valve cover and the timing belt is still intact. No leaks, no cracks, nothing. So I have it narrowed somewhere between fuel starvation, and then we checked the plugs and they are firing off NO spark. The distributor, cap, and rotor are all a little over a year old. The alternator is about 10 months old. The car is trying to turn over, but I just don’t know where the problem is!!! Suggestions anyone!>!>!> where should I look to find this missing spark. Ignition? Ignition Coil??? where??? any help is appreciated.

Coil/ignitor. Its happened to me twice.

yup, me too. they have a problem. Civics do too (my '92 did at least)

What year is your car?

It could possible be one of two things that have happened to me personally.

1.) there was a recall on the distributor for '92 and '93 tegs. Not too sure on the details of it, but that same thing happened to me. I was driving along and then the car shut off. Tried starting it- it did turn over, but wouldn’t ignite. I suspected the timing belt too, but it was the bearing on the distributor.

2.) it could be the ignition coil. This didn’t happen to me when I was driving, but I couldn’t start my car. Symptoms were similar to the distributor incident.

It could be something totally different from these, but this is what I have personally experienced.


That JUST happened to me too. If you have a fellow G2 member nearby, have someone come by and swap your coils … if the car runs fine with the other one installed … COIL! … The other thing it could be if it isn’t the coil is the ignitor (less likely but possible).

where is this coil at is it easy to change ? where do u get it from?

this is all keeping in mind that there is no spark coming FROM WHERE THE WIRES PLUG INTO THE DISTRIBUTOR. we checked from both where the Spark plug spark, as well as the base of where the wires plug in??? thanks everyone

oh, almost forgot-1993 LS-S b18a1

try swapping in someone else’s coil, to see if it will start with it in … you’ll need a 92-93 coil (OBD-1) … that’s what I did (thanks to Ive for the idea) :wink:


the coil is inside the distributor cap … it’s the grey ‘box’ on top, with two electrical connections on the front side, and the circular opening for the ignition wire. You can buy them at your Honda dealership (mine was $107 CAD).

if you have digital meter, test the coil for resistance…if you dont
know, just remove the coil from distributor assembly and take it
to either Kragen or AutoZone for free testing…I’ve done that a couple times…hope it helps.

in my case it was the Main Fuel Relay…email if you need troubleshooting instruction.

Just a thought…I pulled off my ignitor from a 92 civic DX and were identical in size and appearance. I swapped it in and my car and it started fine…


Thanks guys, couldn’t get the distributor rotor off (guys at the shop gorilla drilled it on!!) so I have to drill the screw out and get another to but the ignition coil in (no sense in just returning it, have it might as well toss it in).
I got a major deal, 130 for BOTH, from HONDA (guess it pays to know someone that knows someone:D )

also, don’t ever ask for help from SRO, had some guy trying to tell me it was the distributor rotor or bearing:shock:

well thanks again, me and my teggy are both all smiles again:D