Need help changing my axel's Need Ball Joint Remover.

i have run into two problems while changing my front right axel. first of all i think its the new axle nut i put on with that locking mechanism thing, but i cant seem to take off the freaking bolt! and does anyone have a ball joint remover? i would like to ccome meet you up and perhaps you could help me change my front axel.

You can buy one at any local Autozone or Advanced auto. Also, when you say locking mechanism, are you talking about the cotter pin which that goes through the castle nut under the lower control arm beneath the knuckle? If so, pull that out prior to taking a deep 17mm to it.
And if you havn’t already, buy a Haynes or Chilton service manual.

i will take a picture ASAP and show you. its basically right after you take off the rim. in the middle of the rotor theres a Nut that you take off so that you can disconnect the Rotor and Caliper stuff from the axle hence letting you pull it out.

I think it’s a good idea to pick up a Haynes or Chilton service manual. The hub nut you’re talking about, which is centered in the middle of the rotor, does not keep your rotor on, nor your brake caliper. That center hub-nut holds the end of the splined shaft after your CV joint, inside of the knuckle bearing. If your last axle was installed correctly, you should see it staked into the cut-out on the end of the axle. (Unstake that portion of the hub-nut before breaking the hub-nut loose.) You’ll need a long breaker bar and a 32mm socket to break it loose.
Also, you can still change your axle without removing any of the ball joints. Disconnect the pivot bolt on the chassis to the lower control arm, as well as the anti-roll bar top nut, the shock fork bolt&nut to LCA, and the two radius rod bolts. Also, it’s a good idea to have a torque wrench with you, when you tighten the nuts and bolts back up.
Also, when you say right side, do you mean the passenger side? If so you’ll need some tranny fluid too, because you’ll need to drain the tranny prior to pulling the axle out of the transmisson. IMO, OEM Honda MTF works best.

And if you get stuck somewhere in the process, and you know the AZN guys in Northen CA, they probably could help you out. 707-643-2278. (I figured from your name, you might know them.) Or AZN might be able to get you Anthony from Powerline, and he might be able to help you out locally. (Then you’ll be all set.)

Good luck,


BTW, break the hub-nut loose with the car on the ground instead of up in the air, since there have been cases of people lifting the car off the jackstands. (I just realized from internet dictionary “azn” could mean you’re asian, and I was mistaken about AZN. If that’s the case, disregard my last paragraph.)