Need Help Clutch !!!!

CLUTCH PROBLEMS >last night < i had problems with my clutch for some reason it just went out if doesn’t want to go in gear any when i get it to go in gear i can hear the clutch grinding on something it sounds like sand paper on pavement < once i take the clutch out the gears are okay < its just getting it in gear need < help maybe u know what the problem is i dont really want to take apart till i know what < im dealing with

live in sacramento so if anyone can help < thanks



Not sure what you mean about the noise. You mentioned that the trans allows you to go into the gear you want without a problem, is that right? When shifting, the gears don’t grind…you just get noise when you push the pedal. If that is the case, you need a new release bearing. It could be a few other things otherwise.

took the trans. off today, it was the face on the clutch the one that holds the spring in, it just feel apart like nothing , , the fly wheel is okay so, please dont ever buy clutch master