Need help!!!! Crazy wiring

I searched around and could not really find the answer to my problems. Last night, I went to plug a spotlight into my cig. lighter, and the shit hit the fan. Now, my cd player gets pulsing power, when I turn my lights on, my corners do not turn on, and my cig. lighter has no power…and then when I plug something into the cig. lighter my door light comes on, and my dash clock goes off! Anybody know what the hell might have happened? BTW: I pulled al the relevent fusses and they all look okay!

well, if this happened to me i would pull out the center console and inspect all the wiring. if all looks well, i would start to measure all the voltages to your problem components, from there it will be a long drawn out process to trace the problem, it sounds to me like the spot light drew to much current and fried something though.

Simple fix…I went out and pulled all the fuses again (this time in the daylight where I could see them) and found the one that was toast!