need help cutting fender wall.

hi. i’m having a problem with my engals front camber kit. it’s the kind that slides +3 or -3 degrees. but when i adjust it all the way the where my front tires are perfectly aligned the control arm tends to sit on the fender wall and thats what i’m having trouble with. don’t want to replace the kit because i paid $125 for it. any help, and pic’s would be appreciated. thanks.

here is a little info for ya:

Basically your options are:

  1. let the arm make its own dent
  2. dent the fender well yourself
  3. cut it out like shenrie did
  4. raise the car up so it no longer hits

I first did option #1. I still have the little bumps on my strut towers from it. The paint has now chipped off and its starting to rust a little. But nothing a little sanding and touchup paint won’t remedy.

But eventually I opted for #4. The car may not look as good, but personally I think the benefits outweigh the looks.
-the car now handles MUCH better. Before there just wasn’t enough shock travel
-tire wear isn’t a factor anymore
-don’t have to worry about speed bumps and entering/exiting driveways as much
-don’t have to deal w/ upper arm clearance

Overall i’m happy I raised the car back up.