Need HeLP. fuNny noises coming from cAr..

okie here goes. my car is stock height and everything. its bone stock and nothing evers been done to it. well here the question. does any one know why everytime i go up the driveway my car makes squeeky noises. everything i go up a little speed bump or anything where it would cause my car to go up somethign the rear of my car would squeek. is it my suspension or is there something wrong with the body. please help.

Its most likely a hatch squeak that your hearing… Perhaps it’s the suspension, but I would bet it is the hatch… You may as well try this before investing in a new suspension, cause chances are, its just the hatch squeak you are hearing… It is common on G2’s, luckily there’s an easy fix :slight_smile:
Check out this post:

Shocks or bushings, more than likely it yours shocks.
Do some Sherlock Holmes underneath car to find out. Check all your bushings. Pull and push all parts.