Need help getting tail lights out

ok, this may sound stupid… but i was goona go clear out my tails tonight and i cant get the damn things out!! how am i supposed to get to the bolts that are behind the plastic… all the way on the side of the car. Do i have to take all of the panels off? please tell me i don’t. How do you guys do it?

yes you have to remove all the panels, you dont have to take em completely out but just be able to move enought to get a wrench in there
p.s. a socket wrench and an 8mm socket are gunna be your best friend for this one

i couldnt get the socket wrench on anything! the screw that sticks out of the nut is too long, LOL. The socket would go over the screw but it wouldnt reach the nut because the screw hit the back of the socket. :frowning:

I’m never gonna have clear tails.

I got the middle panel up from the bottom, but couldnt figure out how to take it off from the top, but I don’t think you have to.

to take the middle panel off, it pops up (up) and off…

yeah, the screws stick out quite a bit, and you probably won’t be able to get a socket on it…and its going to be a bitch with a wrench…so what I did was using a dremel, i cut the screw down a bit, just enough to get the socket on…

use a deep socket