need help:: how do i remove paint from tailights?

well…to make a short story short, ive got an old set of tailights, and at the time i got bored, so i just painted them all black for shlts, and now i wanna go put them back to stock. some people have said paint thinner or lacquer thinner but both of these seem too weak. i think i need something stronger than those ( it barely removes it, and if it does its gonna take forever ) and something not as strong as aircraft remover, b/c that will destroy the actual plastic housing. Im thinking maybe a wet sand or something, and then polish it up later? just dont know if i can do it evenly.

please dont say, go buy a new pair, because im not going to.

if anyone has any advice, please feel free and chime in.

Use turpentine or there is stuff at a parts store specially for stripping paint. It should be easy to get everything completely off.

one of my friends used brake cleaner to take the paint of his taillights :danger: