Need Help Identifying These camshafts (pics)

Well long story short i got a Whole head off of one of my firends , it has all the goodies in it but im kind of worried about the cams that i got in it, They are supposivly Skunk 2 Stage 2’s but we held them up to my other friends s2 s2’s and they look nothing alike and we didnt have a dial indicator so we couldnt measure the lopes :thumbdown: I looked all over these cams to try to find any stamps or markings and i came up with nothing, So i figured i would post up some pictures and see if any of you guys could help me out in identifying these things!

Here’s the pics i took , if you need anymore just ask =)

Thanks for any help :thumbup:

first look in between the lobes for letters or numbers. then take all the pics and send them to skunk2 and ask em if they look familiar.

incase they are actually oem cams