Need Help, Minor Rust Problems

Yesterday I washed my car and noticed that there is just a little bit of rust in the crease of the door. :sad: I was wondering if there is ne way that i can get rid of this quick b4 it starts gettin bad? N E Help would be greatly appreciated and you would be the savior of my Teg!lol

grind it down the best u can and get por 15 starter kit that stuff works its like 14.95 it will do the job its garenteed never to let rust back again

Thanks man! I’ll try it, then tell ya the results later. :rockon:

any results yet ?? let me know

getn a local bodyshop to do it instead. thanks for the info. and carin’

Sometimes it is better to have the professionals deal with it… unless you are the professional, but then you would not have ask the question!!

Sorry to steal your forum but I’m getting ready to take my car in for an estimate to repair the rust forming over my rear drivers side wheel well. Anyone know how much I’m looking at to just repair the rust w/no paint?

it shouldnt cost anymore than 300 they should be cutting that rust spot out and welding new metal in then a prime job add 3-500 for a paintjob

Thanks I’m taking it to a few shops on monday and see what they say.

That’s where i’m getting rust, too. Ugly as fuck. Except, i don’t know if i want to spend the money to save a car i paid $1200 for.

yea, u wanna save the teg!!! u know u love it. :wink:

haha… yeah, i do love the car, but i just bought a 2000 Camaro Z28 ( :ohyeah: ) that i’ll be racing. Since i have yet to achieve independent wealth, the 'teg’s gonna wait.

Before you decide to part with your hard earned dinero, try doing this. If you look at the bottom edge of the fender, there is a black rubber/plastic strip that clips on the outer lip of the fender. Take that thing off (same thing with the other rear fender)! Mud and moisture tend to accumulate there and lead to rust. Use a water hose to clear out all the accumulated mud and crap. Then check if the rust is just surface rust and has not yet eaten much into the metal. My rear fender lips weren’t that bad (considering I live in a place where it snows 13 months of the year) when I pulled those strips out, so I just sanded out the rust, treated the bare metal, applied bondo and everything needed before applying body color.

Just looking at the pictures, it doesn’t look that bad. Give it a try.

Thanks for all the info!

now why on earth would u wanna fix up a camarslow, they look like a geo storm on steroids. :down: and for u to choose that over the teg. :crazy:

haha… yeah, ok. This Z28 has 300whp stock. It’s rated at 305hp, but it’s closer to 350hp, it’s same engine the 2000 Corvette had. Chevy advertised the Z28 at 305hp to maintain the pecking order between their two hot rods. The Z28 actually dynos higher than the 'vette (marginally, about 5-10hp) due to the 'vettes higher losses in the drivetrain. Best of all, it pulls mid 13’s in the quarter right outta the box.

I love my Integra, it’s not going anywhere. It gets driven way more than my Z28. Hey, let’s face it, a rear wheel drive hot rod is not practical in the long Alaskan Winters. :up:

haha, didn’t look at ur locale, it’d be fun to drive that rwd around.

Actually, it is. lol. I’ll drive it up and down my street just to uh, keep the battery fresh (that’s what i tell my gf, anyways). It’s pretty easy to keep a drift going in it on the ice. lol. :burnout:

I am curious to know if Skribbles ever got any estimates for the rust repairs…

i got some driftin vids. of me in my teg, lol and also a vid of me doin donuts(yea donuts going forward) around my buddies g3 teg all on a snowy parkin lot

Yeah! The e-brake slides in the 'teg are great! Very easy to control and if you do get in trouble, you can just power out of it. I haven’t tried to do full 360s though, i may have to try that…