Need Help On A Fuse,,,,911!!!!!!

can anyone tell me what kind and how big is the fuse thats located in this grey thing that says lock on the bottom of it…its above the rest of the pull out fuses…i need to know right away thanks…because my radio dont work either.

Is this a fuse under the driver’s-side kickpanel or under the hood?? You said that your radio doesn’t work now?? Hrmmmm… only a few options unless a fusable link under the hood is gone. Although many will disagree, fuses almost never blow randomly. Did you mess with any wiring previous to your problem. If you can let me understand what circuits may have been tampered with first (or boosting the car with cables, etc.) it will help greatly.
If I had to guess, I would say that someone was working on the car’s elecrical system without disconnecting the power to the battery under the hood. If this is the case, likely there was a short to ground which caused an open in the feed for your head unit.

I would assume (and again, only guessing based on the limited info. provided) that you should check and or replace the following fuses:

#22 (10A) – under driver’s kickpanel
#25 (40A) – under hood in fuse block

(both of these fused locations protect the 12V+ supply to the headunit on the OEM harness)

#14 (15A) – driver’s kick
#33 (50A) – under hood
#30 (80A) – under hood

I suspect either 22 or 25 are blown because it something inline with 14, 33, or 30 were shorted, you’d be having more severe elecrical problems than simply no power to your head unit.

Please give me as many details as you can and we’ll have your radio on before you can say, “Give me another glass of whiskey please”. Just a wee dram…


aka neex.

well i found out the problem… it was a 40a fuse that was in that little grey box thing… now my radio and air fuel gauge works now… thanks guy