Need help on rear suspension

ok here’s my problem, I was given a 90 GS which has a noticeable amount of positive camber on the left rear wheel. Has anybody had this problem with worn/cracked bushings? How hard is it to bend an arm (trailing and LCA)? The car has been in a couple of small accidents but I’m not sure how bad. By the way I put it in the air and found no signs of major damage or repair work so I’m thinking bushings and maybe bent trailing arm. Car was free wanna know if its worth keeping.

best thing to do… keep it and get urself a new trailing arm. a lower control arm is possible to bend, and if it did get into a decent accident, that was probably affected as well. prolly would be easier to replace it (or even upgrade them) with an aftermarket rear lower control arm.

Ya I was kind of thinking about keeping it but Im now thinking about cleaning it up a little bit and getting rid of it. But any input from anybody would be appreciated. So if anybody has had a similiar problem please let me know what solved it.

I think my lower control arms are 13 7/8" to the centers of the outer bushings. Could take some snapshots and make some measurements of the arms, then compare with what we got.

Could also have been lowered, cambered correctly, and then raised again. maybe the last person left washers on the upper control arm bolts?

sorry for the late response. As soon as the holidays are over I’m gonna get on the car and take some mesurements and pics. But thanks again and if anybody else has any input please let me know.

Why waste your time measuring and guessing if you’re suspecting the TA/LCA’s are bent due from previous accidents? Just go out and get new ones since they are fairly cheap. The aftermarket LCA’s already come with bushings. So to save time and headaches, just go get a new or used set…

Aftermarket LCA often come with low quality bushings, and sometimes are shorter than stock further INCREASING his positive camber. Waste time measuring…how long does it take to stick a tape measure under your car? Certainly less time than swapping suspension arms.

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Reason I said it’s a waste of time is because it seems like the OP wanted to bend back a bent trailing arm or LCA cuz it’s causing him problems. For the time and effort of taking the trailing arm and LCA out to see if it’s damaged and bend it back… he could have just bought a used straight trailing arm and an aftermarket LCA and reinstall… saves him time of ripping out the old ones, bending it back and reinstalling and to find out it’s going to fail anyways… just a suggestion for less headaches…

Ooh yea, if he plans to bend it straight agian he should just visit the train tracks.

ok so I finally got sum time and got the parts. Turned out after taking sum measurements that the left trailing arm was indeed bent very slightly. I couldn’t tell by comparison tho. Well bottom line is I’m nice and straight now. Thanks for all the input.