Need help on replacing Transmission Mount

Hey everyone so I’m still an amateur when it comes to working on cars and I’m finding it kind of difficult to swap my Front Transmission Mount with another one. Its the transmission mount that’s near the radiator. I have a 91 LS Automatic. I was hoping you could either direct me to another DIY that I couldn’t find or just plain out tell me how to approach it lol.

you might want to start by loosening the driver and passanger sides. just enough to get a little play amd wiggle so you can line up the bolts to the hole. spare set of hands wouldnt hurt.

Its cool man. Well alot of people just go without it to clear room and have a cleaner bay. Im one of those peepz. The easiest but kinda longer way is to remove the radiator fan so u can have room. Disconnect the negative terminal first. Remove the top radiator hose and prop it up so it doesnt leak everywhere .And Its 4 10mm bolts 2on top and 2 on the bottom which i believe u can loosen and slide the fan out. You also have to unclip the electical for the fan to get it out. Once its out u have more room to work and its 2 14mm on the trans and i think one 17 that connects the mount to the crossmember/tranction bar. And that should be it. Follow your steps back in reinstalling. I could be wrong on the bolt size… Havnt done it in awhile but i remember i was trying to find the easiest way out and it took me forever. Scared me for life haha. Hope this help and members feel free to chimme in and add on.

Thanks for the replies guys! The reason why I’m doing this is because when I switch gears from reverse to drive and vice versa my engine clunks. Would it even be the transmission mount that’s making it clunk because your saying other people just live without it being there lol?

Try checking the other mounts to see if they are bad.

Ur rears probably shot

Well I did check the other transmission mount on the passenger side and it seemed fine. I also checked the motor mount on driver side and that seemed fine to. Unfortunately I can’t check the rear motor mount cause its behind the intake manifold and I can hardly see it under my car lol. Is it possible that the clunking is from the front transmission mount that I was working on?

I agree with lsjdmteg. Its prolly the rear. But you might be lucky enough if some how the bolt came loose and fell out. Thats happened to me before after my accident. Just unscrew the intake box, pull the hoses and loosen the screw on the manifold to pull the arm and the top of the box off. Remove the air filter, set it aside and now you can have a better chance of seeing the rear mount.

Look and listen, have someone sit in the car, [hand brake on, foot on brake] and shift from drive to reverse as you look and listen for wher the sound is comming from.

With that said, it is a good bet if one mount is gone, [front or rear] the other is also gone or close to it and it would sense to replace both. 94

Make sure the exhaust manifold stay is good and tight… there is also another bracket that runs from the firewall to the transmission… if it is not tightened up good it can make that clunk you are describing… that bracket is like near the exhaust manifold stay. if the bolts ( which are 19mm if I remember right) don’t need to be very loose at all and you will get a clunk when putting the car into gear. Drove me & my mechanic nuts trying to figure out what the hell it was. I found it when I replaced my exhaust manifold stay back when I first got the car.

one of my old threads details it well.

Ok ill have to try some of these things out, I’ve always assumed it was a transmission mount and not a motor mount (or both) but I’m glad I went to the forums lol. Thank guys ill give you an update when I do all of these things