Need help on SAFC.. Max.. Anyone?

I noticed sometimes its hard to get info on here because i never get a reply :frowning: But well here it goes… On my SAFC, do i set the “Pressure” Sensor to 6 in and 6 out? While others are 0-0?

Other then that… What is the SAFC suppose to display? Correction, Air Flow, Rev, Throttle, What the hell is KARMA?

Mine only displays Rev, Throttle, Air Flow, Pressure

But when i set the Pressure at 6/6 like the manual says… The air flow doesnt read no more… Any clue guys? Please help a G2 guy out :slight_smile:

the karma thing is for turbo’d cars

Cool once again its Dr Nick to my rescue!:smiley:

Dr Nick = Good guy! :smiley: