need help removing tint

Hello, i have some tint on my hatch window and i got tint removal and tried to get it of and no luck at all, i have tried a few other things to there is only tint where the third brake light is and it looks crappy i’m going for that simple clean look and that tint is cramping my style lol. Please help me get this crap off, thanks in advance.

There’s no easy way to remove it… You need to use a razor blade and cut around the defroster lines and slowly peel the tint off the window.

I tried it on my sedan when i was going to get it re-tinted… Then i gave up and payed $80 to have the shop remove it.

yes a razor blade works well. you can also make a rubbing alcohol and soap mixture to help with the removal. a heat gun or hairdryer will also help. the rear window was the worst with my sedan. I was being real careful around the defrost lines with a razor blade, then i cut a couple of the defrost lines accidentally, and finally said screw it. i no longer have a rear defrost lol.

thaks guys i will try that

If i recall correctly, white vinegar. I know, i smelled worse.