need help running different ecu

Hi there g2ic fans…I have a 92 gsr with the original b17 motor and has basic bolt tons…right now im running on the stock p61 ecu and want to know if running the stock p72 will make a difference in speed or faster…thanks people just need to know if its any good???

It’ll work, but if you already have a P61, there’s absolutely no point in making the switch. It’d be a downgrade

Mrpenny - thank you for letting me know…but I borrow my friend p72 and try it out to see before I actually buy one and it pull harder and vtec kicks at around 4400 rpm instead of 5500 rpm like the p61???

A lower vtec engagement point is not necessarily a good thing. And if there’s a large jump in power associated w/ your vtec engagement point then it’s typically a sign that your engagement point is set incorrectly. A good rule is that the smoother your vtec engagement point, the more accurately placed it is.