Need help sealing radiator hose

I am having problems keeping the lower radiator hose from leaking where it hooks onto the lower part of the radiator. It will hold a seal for a while, but in time it always starts to leak again.
I am using a screw style hose clamp and thought that I got it tight enough each time.
One time the hose damn near blew off the connection.

I dont know what else to do to try to keep it from leaking.
Should I buy a new hose? Should I try a differient clamp? I dont know what to frigging do.

New hose. its probably cracking, hence, leaking.

The hose is not quite 2 years old. But I can see it being damaged. It was the cheaper autozone hose. Should of got the Gates I guess.

My main issue is clamping it properly to the radiator outlet.
The angle of the thing makes it difficult to properly tighten down the hose clamp.

See if you can maybe get like OEM clamp where you have to use pliers to crimp them open to remove it! Those are best clamp, better than the screw to tight type. So since it’s like at an angle your unable to tighten as much correct? If so then maybe you shall remove the fan and tighten it from the top, there will be more room and after done just hook and install fan again.

I agree. Use an OEM hose clamp. Those worm drive type clamps suck. Get a new OEM hose, OEM hose clamp and then make sure the outlet on the radiator is nice and clean and smooth. It can also help to install the hose w/ the radiator out of the car, then drop the radiator into place and attach the other end of the hose to the engine. This allows you to make sure the lower connection is secure and straight w/o having all the other engine bay components in your way.

Removing the radiator out and installing new hose will be easy if your having a hard time putting it on, but it does not require you to have to take it out, if it makes it easier then go for it :slight_smile:

I am running a CX Racing Radiator and the stock OEM cooling fan.
I have to remove the upper hose and the fan shroud to be able to access the lower hose

Every time I do this I always remove the radiator anyways because it is already disconnected so I like to rinse it out inside with water to remove any crap inside. I also replace the rubber o ring in the drain valve too when doing this.

I think I might try using an OEM style clamp because the ones I used on the heater hoses hold good and strong. I think I will also buy the Gates lower hose. I have the Gates upper hose and it works great. I think the rubber is better than the cheap lower hose that I have.